CrossFit for Beginners

„Anyone can do it!!“


CrossFit Beginner jump, lift, run. Change position. Ten squats, ten push-ups. Repeat– at the first sight CrossFit is just an intensive circuit training. What looks like a choreography is in trend of modern sports. Many people – especially women – are afraid of doing CrossFit. Although CrossFit is called the hardest workout of the world, it is worth a try.

The 2 CrossFit Boxes of the Tenerife Top Training-Center (T3) provides the possibility to individually get in touch with CrossFit or improve the performance in an optimal way. Our CrossFit-Trainer Carolina reveals important advices for the first attempt and why everyone should enjoy it.

For CrossFit Beginners there are so many benefits

“There are so many benefits”, she starts explaining. “The profit is the combination of gymnastics, lifting weights and cardio. Perhaps you won’t get stronger, but you will improve your endurance and flexibility.” CrossFit-workouts assimilate elements from high-intensity interval training, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, cardio, balance, flexibility tasks, and other exercises. CrossFit-gyms are boxes with the appropriate equipment. The exercises are not new and specific: We know them from running, gymnastics and lifting. Instead of gym machines there are kettlebells, ropes, boxes and medicine balls to get active with. “Train free, feel free”, Carolina adds.


Pushing the personal limits

Carolina leads her training group through the 60-minute-long workout in the shady CrossFit-Box. The daily workout is written on a board. The music is running. The participants are about to find their places in the box. There are three steps to go: First of all a warm-up to activate the muscles and technical exercises. Shortly after that follows the most important part of the session: The workout of the day (WOD). During the high-intensity WOD, which takes almost twenty minutes, the participants do for example wall balls, rowing, box jumps, push-press and deadlifts. It ends up with a stretching.

“The support and supervision of a good coach is important for performing CrossFit. Apart from that, you have to do the right techniques. It is better to train in the group because it is more motivating“. The training is divided in different periods. For instance, there are 50 rounds, each with a 30 second workout, followed by a 20-second-long break. The exercises will be changed after every 30 seconds and repeated in the next sequence. The intensity and composition of be course will be changed every day.

Challenge yes, excessive overload no

Every beginning is hard. Everyone can reach its physical limits. CrossFit should be challenging, but not overextending. For Carolina it is accessible to everyone regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Beginners should just adapt the exercises individually. “I match the workouts to my clients”, she says. “It is not necessary to be strong and fit. You just have to start and it will work slowly but surely. Nobody has to be afraid. Everyone can come around. Anyone can do it!”



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