Your sport events in Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife Top Training organizes various events that take place every year.

Kids Summer Camp

Since 2009 young participants, ages 6 to 16, have gained great insight into the diverse world of sport.

From sports like tennis, football, baseball, indoor climbing or swimming to active learning games such as treasure hunts or raft building, all aimed to improve the individual motor skills. We do everything for the children to ensure an unforgettable experience, while learning important values like team work and respect.

During the five weeks, our little ones gain a great insight into the multifaced world of sports and at the same time making new friends. The children will be supervised the whole time by professional educators and our personal trainers.

The next edition of the Summer Sports Camp comes soon, focusing on bringing fun for the smaller ones using all the possibilities that our facilities offer. It is a well-known fact that our coaches work hard to get the most out of it!


Canarias Gone Bad Europe Throwdown

This Throwdown offers CrossFit athletes the chance to experience a variety of different sport domains that are often limited to the highest level of the sport. Inspired from the CrossFit Games  this competition provides classic CrossFit workouts, Olympic weightlifting but also Swimming, Endurance  and Strongman WODs.

Expect the unexpected combined over a 2 day CrossFit Throwdown (Friday/Saturday at the beginning of October)

Your team is made up of 2 athletes (MM/FF), adding the element of teamwork allowing you to both push and help each other in workouts which are specifically designed for both team and individual input.

Canaries Gone Bad offers something special.