Tenerife Top Training offers two natural grass pitches and an additional natural grass pitch, purposely-made for goalkeeper training. The mild and year-round constant climate combined with the daily professional care from our green keeper guarantees top conditions for the ideal training camp. All football pitches are equipped with modern floodlights, allowing evening training sessions. T3 and its facilities fulfill the highest football training camp demands.

Tenerife Top Training offers a variety of sports accommodations for professional and recreational use. Amongst others, the facility includes beach volleyball courts, swimming pools, tennis courts, or a spa area. Alongside an indoor and an outdoor gym, T3 also offers various massage rooms the teams can use for treatment requirements. Massages can be arranged upon request.

Football Pitches

  • Natural grass pitch I
    • Full size: 100m x 70m
    • Playing area: 90m x 64m
  • Natural grass pitch II
    • Full size: 104m x 80m
    • Playing area: 98m x 68m
  • One natural grass pitch, specifically             designed for goalkeeper training
  • All pitches are equipped with modern          floodlights


T3 provides a complete range of football training equipment including footballs (Adidas Brazuca official match balls) hurdles, cones and sticks as well as goals in various sizes. A detailed list of our football equipment can be found below.T3_FootballEquipment_2016


As part of its trademark, T3 also offers a comprehensive service during a football training camp. Individually provided transfer services are available from the airport to both your hotel and the training center. Our partner hotel “Hovima Jardin Caleta” is easily accessible by foot within 10 minutes and offers an athlete-specific diet. Free-to-use massage rooms and ice baths – perfect for rehabilitation purposes – are available at T3. Additionally, we have experienced on-site masseurs.

T3’s SPA area is equipped with a Jacuzzi, a Sauna and a Turkish bath, perfect for relaxing after a training session. Friendly matches, rental cars and excursions will be arranged upon request.

Tenerife Top Training offers professional service for:

  • Clubs
  • Sports groups, teams
  • Professional athletes
  • Recreational athletes
  • All season training camps
  • Summer school camps
  • Tournaments
  • Meetings and conferences