Gym I

The T3 is provided with three gyms in total: one indoor-, one outdoor gym and an additional one, which can be used for Kinesis training and body mass analysis.

The indoor gym is located in the main building of the T3 and has a large training area with the latest equipment from TechnoGym® and Keiser®, and two rooms for group exercises.

In addition, highly qualified fitness instructors are always available for personal training or questions. Our varied workout classes complete the fitness offer of the T3.


  • 2 Rowing machines (Concept 2®)
  • 3 Treadmills (Woodway®)
  • 2 Crosstrainers (Keiser ®)
  • 6 Ergometers (Keiser® and TechnoGym®)
  • 1 Climbing machine (Versa Climber®)
  • Separate room with 14 spinning bikes (TechnoGym®)
  • Large selection of dumbbells, barbells and benches

Gym II

The covered outdoor gym is located between the two football pitches and has a large selection of free weights and Nautilus® and TechnoGym® equipment. Both, the indoor studio with its breathtaking views and the outdoor studio with the pleasant temperatures, make the workouts a true experience. Both studios can be reserved exclusively for teams.


  • Weight Machines : Butterfly, rowing machine, lat pull, equipment for abdominal – and calves exercises, cable pulls, leg curls,                 leg extension, multi-hip, leg press
  • TRX®, gymnastic balls, medicine balls, therabands, mats, punching bag, stepper
  • The running track and the football pitches are next to the outdoor gym


Gym III is also located in the main building of T3. Especially remarkable of this gym is the Kinesis training equipment, which allows a training on whole muscle chains in a three-dimensional level. Additionally, it is possible to make a detailed body mass analysis using our highly advanced equipment “Tanita”. Furthermore, the Biomechanic Service of José Ramón Callen is located in Gym III.


  • Kinesis (TechnoGym®)
  • 1 Ergometer (TechnoGym®)
  • Tanita
  • Massage table


As part of its trademark, T3 also offers a comprehensive service during the training camps. On request, a transfer service will be available from the airport to both your hotel and the training center.  Our partner hotel “Hovima Jardín Caleta” is easily accessible by foot within 10 minutes and offers specific food for athletes. We have experienced masseurs on site. Free-to-use massage rooms and ice baths – perfect for rehabilitation purposes- are available.

T3’s SPA area is equipped with a Jacuzzi, a sauna and a Turkish bath, perfect for relaxing after a training session. We can also provide you with rental cars and organise excursions on request.