The premises and the area of Tenerife Top Training also offer the best conditions for incentives or other preventive measures. The positive effect of the Canarian training center, the fantastic location on the south coast of Tenerife and the wide range of sports in the T3 make it ideal for companies to promote the motivation and the morale of their employees.

Not only individual sports activities, such as swimming or steaming, can provide new incentives in the company, but also joint ventures such as team sports or team meetings strengthen the team spirit within the staff.

A common, unforgettable time on the island of eternal spring gives the employees an enhanced sense of loyalty and ultimately lead to a healthy working environment.


The implementation of your event will be supported by most modern multimedia equipment, like free Wi-Fi in the entire facility, beamer, whiteboards and flipcharts. The employees at T3 take care of your participant’s physical well-being at our bar where individual offers are available. Of course there will be a contact person available at every time.