The training centre Tenerife Top Training (T3) on Tenerife provides training camps for a variety of sports and is the only one of its kind in Europe.

We offer optimal conditions for training camps (amateur – and professional area) in the disciplines swimming, football, triathlon, rugby, volleyball, tennis. But also the Porsche factory drivers or basketball teams are using our facilities.

Athletes are not one out of many for us, but out of many the one.

Through our high degree in flexibility and personal supervision the athletes can shape their training optimally and prepare themselves perfectly. Also regarding accommodation, we do not leave any wish open. If 3, 4, or 5 stars: our partner hotels offer the suitable solution for every entitlement.

Sport and training possibilities in our facility at the south coast of Tenerife:

  • 100 x 70m Grass Pitch (playing area 90 x       64m)
  • 104 x 80m Grass Pitch (playing area 98 x       68m)
  • 113 x 73m Artificial Turf Pitch
  • Natural grass field with obstacles
  • 2 tennis clay courts
  • 2 beach volleyball courts
  • Tartan track
  • 5 paddle courts
  • 400m² CrossFit-Box
  • Big Indoor gym
  • Outdoor gym
  • Year-round heated swimming pools (25m     and 50m)
  • High-tech flume channel

The Best Sports Camps


Especially in winter, sportsmen profit extraordinarily from our trainings centre. Whether for fitness basics, tactical subtleties, team buildings or the promotion of young talents, all the ambitious goals of a winter training camp will be fulfilled by us.

The constant climate, our most sophisticated facilities and highly trained staff are unparalleled in their diversity and concentration and form a perfect symbiosis for a successfull training camp during the winter season. Additionally, with an average day length of approximately 11,5 daylight hours, training times can be ideally utilized.

For the above named reasons, our sports centre has successfully proven to be an excellent host of training camps and team buildings.


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