“Address the Unknown, be ready for anything”!

Canarias Gone Bad is an international competition and a unique community experience on the sunny island of Tenerife.

The events third edition will be celebrated on the 29th and 30th of September 2017!

Unlike other years we´ll start for the first time ever on a Friday night, continue on Saturday morning and finish on a high note on Saturday evening. The hosting venue Tenerife Top Training is nothing more than a 600.000 square feet (56.000 m² ) playground from hell, where almost everything is possible.

Canarias Gone Bad is a team competition of same gender pairs!

Please note that for the first time ever we have limited starting slots for participants in order to secure quality and maintain the special atmosphere of the competition.So we recommend to be quick, don’t waste time and send you registrations our way!

Teams which will be registrated before 01.August 2017 will have the names on their Shirts.

This year’s edition will be divided into different categories.

The unique two days competition will be run in teams of two.


  • RX Female (9 open places and the winner of 2016)
  • RX Male (9 open places and the winner of 2016)
  • ELITE RX Female (10 places)
  • ELITE RX Male (5 open places and the participants of CBG 2016)


  • Day1 features 2 x WOD
  • Day2 features 3 x WOD!

A certain amount of wild cards may be given throughout the year!

RX Teams follow the registration here.

ELITE Teams please contact or

Please do not hesitate to contact if questions or queries occur.

CANARIAS GONE BAD offers a total of 5000€ prize money!

Event details and schedule (TBC)     

Friday 29. September                  Saturday 30. September

17:00 – 18:00 Registration              09:00 Help Desk open

17:00 – 18:00 Briefing                      10:00 WOD III

19:00 WOD I                                      12:00 WOD IV

21:00 WOD II                                    18:00 WOD V

20:00 AWARD Ceremony

To bring:

Speed Rope

OLY Shoes

Swim Goggle


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