The 2017 Copa de Empresas is made for companies who want to take part in a sports competition. It does not matter if you as a company want to bring the fun of football into your faculty, or if you are searching for a sportive activity outside of your daily routine. The Copa de Empresas, hosted by Tenerife Top Training is the perfect choice to activate the motivation and the spirit of competition within your staff.

Besides the sportive character of the two competition’s days, the football tournament will be positive for your company. You can also benefit from the cup as follows:

  • Strengthening the team spirit within your staff
  • Increase your workers’ loyalty and sense of belonging to your company and their identification with your brand
  • Increase your workers’ motivation and moral
  • Reload the employees’ energy with a step out from everyday life
  • Representing your institution during the tournament as one of the 20 participating teams
  • You have the possibility to create an own stand on the campus to use it as a meeting point, a distribution place for flyers and other advertising materials or just as yours company representative place

Your participation at the Copa de Empresas will give you the chance to incentive your staff and present your brand in a sportive atmosphere.

Play at the official training ground of Tenerife Top Training. The venue of the cup’s 1st edition will be played at the pitch where normally stars such as Liverpool FC, Newcastle United, Real Sporting de Gijón, Real Zaragoza or C.D. Tenerife B train. There will be fun, combined with the serious will to win when T3 opens their doors at the 3rd and 4th of June, 2017.


  • 3rd and 4th June, 2017
  • Start time: 10:00 am
  • 7 vs. 7 (six players on the field + one goalkeeper)
  • Field size: 64 m x 40 m
  • Tournament type: Group stage (4-5 teams per group) + KO-Round (Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Final)
  • Playing time: 2 x 10 min halves (KO-Round: if necessary overtime of 2 x 5 min + 7 meter penalty shootout)
  • Each team will get 10 litres of water per game
  • There will be the possibility to buy some food on the campus
  • We have a limited starting field of 20 teams to create an overseeable tournament
  • Normally the players are not insured by the company but by their own health insurance, for potential personal injuries or material damage we assume no liability
  • Application fee: 240 €


  • You have to be a company (shop, hotel, restaurant, training center, factory, etc.)
  • It will be played 7 vs. 7 (six on the field, one goalkeeper), therefore you have to be a team of at least 7 people, and of maximum 12 people
  • You can only subscribe one team per company unless you subscribe different departments
  • Every player must be an employee of the company (minor if owner, general manager, worker or intern)
  • You have to identify yourselves as a team (e.g. individual shirts, company branded jerseys, etc.) and we advise you to have shirt numbers to identify the best scorer and goalkeeper
  • For safety reasons players are not allowed to were screw-in studs (it is still allowed to were soccer boots)
  • You have until at least two weeks before the tournament to pay your attendance fee, otherwise you will be excluded from the cup
  • You have to be there at least 30 minutes before the start of the tournament’s first game because we will draw the groups by lot at 09:30 am (if you are not there you will also be excluded from the tournament)
  • You have to bring a list with all your player’s names to the competition to make sure that the cup will be held fairly


Event details and schedule (TBC)

Saturday, 3rd June                                       Sunday, 4th June

09:30 Registration and welcoming             10:00 Continuation of group stage

10:00 Group Drawing                                         13:00 End of group stage/30 min break

10:30 Start of first game/group stage          13:30 Start of quarterfinals

13:30 30 min break                                               14:45 Start of semifinals

14:00 Continuation with group stage           15:30 Third-place play-off

18:00 End of first game day                               16:00 FINAL

16:45 Award ceremony


Copa de Empresas