Training concentrations

for Paralympic SWIMMING teams

Tenerife Top Training es un centro de alto rendimiento en Europa que ofrece instalaciones de alta calidad para equipos de todo el mundo. From our perspective, inclusion is defined as the creation of conditions conducive to the self-determined, equal, and equitable participation of all individuals, whether they have a disability or not, in and through sport. This approach reflects our commitment to providing accessible sports practice to everyone, regardless of physical ability or other factors, by removing all barriers and obstacles that may hinder the full and complete participation of people with disabilities.

With this in mind, the facility works to provide fair and autonomous access to sports practice, without obstacles or hindrances, for all its clients. Sport, physical exercise, and games are effective means of promoting encounter and cooperation among people, whether they are disabled or not, to promote equality and self-determination, and reinforce the place of people with disabilities in our society.

We would like to highlight that our center is fully adapted to athletes with disabilities, with facilities and equipment specifically designed to meet their needs. Our goal is that all individuals who train at our center feel comfortable, safe, and supported on their journey towards health, well-being, and competitive sports practice.

Our highly trained staff are always ready to help and provide the best possible service. Contact us for more information on how we can help manage the concentration of your swim team to reach its full potential.

swimming facilities

  • Olympic swimming pool of 50 meters with 10 lanes, two meters deep and starting blocks with FINA standards on both sides.

  • 25-meter swimming pool with 6 lanes and starting blocks with FINA standards on both sides.

  • Wide range of training equipment available.

  • Possibility to hold aqua gym, water polo, and synchronized swimming sessions.

  • Specific area next to the pool for toning exercises, warm-ups, and stretching

    • Tenerife Top Training is committed to ensuring the accessibility of its facilities for people with disabilities.
    • The center offers various accommodations, such as reserved parking spaces with a lowered curb in front of the building, a ramp for wheelchair access, doors at ground level, a reception equipped with a lowered counter service area, and accessible restrooms.
    • A mobile passenger elevator is available upon request to facilitate entry into the pools for people with disabilities.
    • A rental wheelchair can also be provided to people with disabilities who require it.
Additional services on request
    • Shuttle service from the airport to the hotel and the training centre.
    • Area equipped with jacuzzi, sauna, Turkish bath and ice bath.
    • Experienced masseurs and physiotherapists.
    • Massage and ice bath areas for recovery or rehabilitation after training.
    • Car rental service, organisation of excursions and leisure activities on the island.
    • Daily access to the gym (subject to booking and availability).
    • Use of the hydrodynamic flume during your stay.
    • Availability of equipment such as kickboard, pullbuoy, etc. (subject to booking and availability).
    • Changing rooms for athletes and coaches
    • Possibility of unlimited water refill by bringing your own refillable water bottle
    • Towel service
    • Conference room available (subject to booking and availability)
Otras posibilidades

Tenerife Top Training offers a wide range of services for all levels of athletes. From clubs and sports teams to professional and recreational athletes, Tenerife Top Training has everything needed to help its clients achieve their sporting goals. We also organize competitions in the field of adaptive sports, such as the Open Tenerife Fundacion Disa, and have welcomed numerous athletes with disabilities, including Paralympic swimming teams from Finland, Russia, Spain, and Mexico, as well as athletes from other sports such as wheelchair tennis, sitting volleyball, and athletics.




Team reservations

Contact us and we will help you to manage the booking of your team. You can check availability of facilities, hotel and make other arrangements.

Personal training

Our physical educators provide expert assistance to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are looking to improve your technique in a sport, rehabilitation or learning to develop strength and agility. Personal training sessions take place within Tenerife Top Training’s various sports facilities.