Training Camps at the High-Performance Sports Centre

Training Camps for competition preparation are an area of expertise for the high-performance sports centre Tenerife Top Training.

We offer world-class facilities for swimming, football, rugby, triathlon, cross-training, fitness training, tennis, athletics and much more!

As a designated pre-competition or pre-season training centre, we hosted teams from across the world.

Athletes from different countries choose T3 as the perfect preparation for their season. Our many years of experience with professionals and teams are evident in the numerous medals and titles won after visiting our facility.

T3 understands the requirements of perfect preparation for every level. Thanks to our tailor-made packages, you can concentrate on your sport:

We also leave nothing to be desired in terms of accommodation. Whether 3, 4, or 5 stars: our partner hotels offer the right solution for every requirement.

Performance Facilities for

Tailor-Made Service in Tenerife — Spain


Coaches choose T3 both for the facilities and the efficiency of the staff. The excellent training facilities offer the optimal conditions for your preparation.

Whether you are a club, university, amateur or professional, you will find everything you need in our high-performance centre.

We have already welcomed over 25,000 teams from all over the world to T3. And not only swimmers but also from other sports.


  • Premier League Football
  • Rugby Union & Rugby League
  • Modern Pentathlon
  • Basketball
  • Judo
  • Race drivers from Alpine and Porsche

Due to our high flexibility and personal support, athletes can optimally plan their day and prepare perfectly.

  • Natural Grass Pitch 100 m x 70 m                  (Playing area 90 m x 64 m)
  • Natural Grass Pitch 104 m x 80 m                  (Playing area 98 m x 68 m)
  • Natural grass field with obstacles
  • Year-round heated swimming pools              (Olympic and 25 m)
  • High-tech swimming flume                           from the TZ Leipzig
  • 7 Tennis hard courts
  • 2 Beach volleyball courts
  • Athletics track
  • 4 Padel courts
  • 400 m² Cross-training Box
  • 200 m² Cross-training Competition Area
  • Indoor Gym equipped with Woodway®, Keiser ® and Concept 2®
  • Fully equipped Outdoor Gym

Sports courses

Swim Camps 2023
Crosser Basketball Academy
Summer camp 2023
Football Camp Technical Training 2023


Throughout the year, the weather in Tenerife remains very mild. It is not too hot in summer, and it rains less in the south. This means that even in the winter months, you can improve your performance professionally and improve your individual or team skills.

Training Camps in the best climate in the world

Tenerife’s climate is considered the best in the world. The temperatures are pleasant all year round. It also rains very rarely, and it is the region in Europe with the most hours of sunshine per day.

All these factors make Tenerife a very special training location, where the “eternal spring” reigns and where training camps are possible all year round.

The average annual temperature of 22 °C makes Tenerife an ideal sports destination. There are never extreme temperatures here, it is never too cold or too hot.

Vitamin D for a good mood

Because it rarely rains and there are so many hours of sunshine in Tenerife, you feel full of energy because your skin gets its extra dose of vitamin D.

The reason for the rare rainfall

The island’s typical trade winds create a thermal inversion that prevents clouds from forming. As a result, it rains very rarely in summer and on average three days a month in winter.

So you can exercise outside every day!

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