Athletes prepared in T3 for The Olympic Games 2016

19 Sportsmen WON MEDALS IN RIO 2016

The athletes, who completed a part of their preparation at Tenerife Top Training, have won 19 medals in total, at the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio (6 times gold, 8 times silver and 5 times bronze) and they set three world records.

All these results were achieved in swimming, except the gold medal in triathlon by Alistair Brownlee (Team GB)!

 AlistairBrownlee Brownlee

Sarah Sjöström from Sweden won three medals in total. She did not only get gold in 100 m butterfly but also set a new world record (55:48 sec). Further, she reached the second ranking in 200 m freestyle and got bronze in 100 m freestyle.

The performance of the British swimmer Adam Peaty (21) was extraordinary good. First, he improved his world record in 100 m breaststroke in the preliminary round to 57:55sec, and in the final, he even beat this time and won the gold medal with 57,13 sec. Additionally, he got silver in the 4 x 100 m medley with his team.

The Kazakh Dmitriy Balandin reached the first ranking on the winner’s podium in 200 m breaststroke and the Spanish swimmer Mireia Belmonte won gold in 200 m butterfly. Moreover, she got bronze in 400 m medley.

Sarah Adam Mireia

Yuliya Yefimova, from Russia, won two silver medals, one in 100 m and one in 200 m breaststroke. Both, the Frenchman Florent Manaudou in 50 m freestyle and the Belgian Pieter Timmers in 100 m freestyle, left Rio with a silver medal.

YULIYA_EFIMOVA cn marseille_team_photo_1 Pieter

The teams of France, in 4 x 100m freestyle, and the British Team in 4 x 100 m medley, were successful in the relay competitions and won silver. In the end, the Russians Anton Chupkov (100 m breaststroke) and Evgeny Rylov (200 m breaststroke) returned from Rio with a bronze medal.

Beside of the Olympic pools, the 10 km open water swimmers also performed well. Sharon van Rouwendaal from the Netherlands won gold and Ferry Weertman, also from the Netherlands, got bronze. The Italian Rachele Bruni completed this set of medals.

Tenerife Top Training congratulates all athletes, their coaches, and their friends and families, who helped them reach the pinnacle of their sport. We at the T3 look forward to supporting all athletes so they will reach their goals.

Sharon van Rouwendaal ...

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