Bodyboarding at Tenerife Top Training

The female bodyboarder World Champion, Alexandra Rinder doing a test in the flume of Tenerife Top Training. Sergio Villalba studio was around here and shot this amazing picture.


ā€˛Really cool training session yesterday swimming against the current in the counter-current system pool at the T3 sports centre. Thank you guys 😊”

Alexandra Rinder is a professional Bodyboarder and two time APB World Bodyboarding Champion. She is also the youngest world champion in the history of Bodyboarding

AlexandraRinder AlexandraRinder_2 AlexandraRinder_3 AlexandraRinder_4 AlexandraRinder_5 AlexandraRinder_6 AlexandraRinder_7 AlexandraRinder_8

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