T3 Training training camps - the newest state of training methodology

Tenerife is plainly the multisport island. Mild temperatures and the sheltered location provide perfect training conditions for swimmers and triathletes all year long. Start the Training of experiences!

With the help of the partnership between Tenerife Top Training and T3 Training our training camps comply with the newest state of training methodology. Thereby, we focus on optimized training for athletes of every age. The scientific background of our camp stands significantly out of the market and provides our athletes with a sustainable effect in theory and practice.

We assume responsibility for what we do!

T3-Training Camps by allwetterkind

Swimming Camps on Tenerife

In the second season! Crawl swimming learning in a camp week

Triathlon-Camps on Tenerife

8. Sports Medicine Workshop on Tenerife from 07. – 14.03.2020

07. Mar – 14. Mar 2020  Sports Medicine Tenerife 2020 in DR/Full board

FLEXI Booking: The opportunity to train as you want! Hotel booking and T3-Access

1. May 2019 – 30. Apr 2020 Flexi-Booking / per Person: Hotel Jardín Caleta & T3-Access


Full-Service: Training camps with supervision and quality assurance

Our motto is quality: This is why it is our philosophy that our guests can expect optimal supervision. Therefore we limit the number of participants in our camps up to 20 persons.

In our opinion:  This is the only way to support our guests improving their performance.