Basketball Academy by Crosser and Tenerife Top Training

The Crosser Basketball Academy is a world-renowned high-performance basketball academy. Located in the middle of Europe, America and Africa, in Tenerife Top Training, Crosser Basketball Programs offers a wide range of high-performance basketball training opportunities for students who want to develop their minds, bodies and talents. We provide athletes and students with instruction and development training tailored to help them achieve their full potential on and off the court.

In various international competitions and leagues, Crosser Basketball Academy coaches have experience at all levels, amateur and professional. Every practice, our coaching staff demands that players challenge themselves and step outside their comfort zones. As part of our philosophy, we work to develop each player’s individual potential and prepare them for the professional world.

Participating in the Crosser Basketball Academy programme allows young sports students to discover their true potential – not only in sports, but also in life. We offer a very intensive and comprehensive academic and sports programme.
The sports field/court is our classroom, and the game is our vehicle for teaching lifelong lessons and leadership skills.
Attitude, commitment, discipline and sacrifice are used to build upon our brand-new programme and make our student-athletes successful in school, in sports and in life. They will always learn, prepare, practice and play to become winners in all they participate in.

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More than a simple Basketball Academy


Our student-athletes benefit from individualised academic and athletic support that allows everyone to improve at their own pace and according to their own needs. The competitive aspect is catered for by our sports club partners, and the academic element by some of the best local schools.
Our academy members also benefit from technical, physical and theoretical sports lessons led by our educational team who specialises in optimising young people’s academic and sporting performance.
Finally, numerous excursions are offered to take our students out of their daily routine and help them improve their cultural, social and linguistic skills.

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crosser academy individualised academic and athletic support
crosser program individualised academic and athletic support

And after the Crosser Basketball Academy?


After your time at Crosser Basketball Academy, a world of opportunities will open up for you to use your talent

    Possible placement at American schools such as high schools, prep schools, junior colleges or universities.
    Potential placement at Canadian schools such as high schools, prep schools, CEGEPS and universities
    Opportunity to pursue a post-graduate project in North America or Europe.
    Opportunity to join a sports programme in Europe.
    Opportunity to join a professional, semi-professional or amateur basketball club in Europe.

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Our Principles


Academy Overview


The Academy prides itself on its blend of academic challenge and on-court experience that has led to unparalleled team and individual accolades and college placements. The programme helps students on each team reach their greatest potential with a focus on player development and college preparation. Support teams include experienced coaches, academic teachers, college placement counsellors and more.

With its overall structure, the Crosser Academy basketball programme supports and challenges individuals, providing them with the opportunity to achieve their goals on and off the court.