Our trainers are certified athletic coach, personal trainer and sports scientist


Tomas Hernandez Barreda was born at Tenerife. He practices swimming and water polo competition for 18 years. He coaches different swimming teams and combines that with his work in various gyms on the island. Currently, he is training with different athletes from various disciplines, combined with working as a lecturer in various lectures and courses.

His hobbies are sports, travelling and training.


  • Doctor in Swimming Biomechanics, physical education and sports training
  • Bachelor in Sports Science
  • Master of Physical Education Specialist
  • Master in High-Performance Sports UAM-COES
  • Master in Sport Psychology UAM-COES
  • Master in Water Activities
  • Top Coach in swimming, water polo, triathlon and water fitness
  • NSCA Personal Trainer
  • Master in Training and Sports Rehabilitation, UEC (Universidad Europea de Canarias)
  • Specialist coach for open water swimming (RFEN)

Working areas

  • Personal trainer
  • Endurance Sports
  • Water activities
  • Performance
  • Readaptation of injuries


Laura Diaz Blanco was born in Tarragona in 1992. She plays football since the age of 5 and currently competes, playing for U.D.G Tenerife, in the First National Women’s Football Division her 5th season. At the age of 22, she graduated in Science of Physical Activity and Sport from the University of Barcelona, followed by a Master degree in Teacher Training of High School in Physical Education at the University of Vic. Furthermore, she made a complementary education as a Personal Trainer and accumulates more than 2 years of experience in this field.

She is a football coach with level 1 of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. Currently not operating, she has already directed male and female categories of youth football.

Her hobbies are sports, travelling, live music and new technologies.


  • Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (UB)
  • Specialization in Health and Education
  • Master in of Teacher Training of High School in Physical Education (UVic)
  • Football Coach Level I (RFEF)
  • 3rd regional football Referee

Working areas

  • Personal Trainer
  • Health
  • Readaptation of injuries
  • High school education
  • Leisure and free time
  • Sports training


Ulises Rodia Mejías del Castillo was born in Tenerife in 1985. He played soccer between the age of 7 and 18. At that moment, he devoted himself to study Teaching Physical Education at the University of La Laguna. Later, he continued studying with the Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sport at the University of La Laguna and Granada. He completed his education with a Master of Research in Sport and Physical Activity at the University of Malaga and now he is a University Expert in Physical Activity and Nutrition by the UNED.

He is a national triathlon coach and specialist in endurance sports. He trains amateur athletes, especially triathletes and is the physical trainer of CD San Lorenzo football.

His hobbies are practising triathlon, travelling and live music.


  • Master specialisation in physical education
  • M.Sc. in physical activity and sports
  • Degree in sports science and physical activity
  • Expert in nutritional sciences
  • National trainer of triathlon and personal training
  • Sports monitor: field of swimming and triathlon
  • Responsible for the summer sports camp and for the swimming tests for Polar

Working areas

  • Water activities
  • Resistance Sports Training


Darien Taño Garcia was born in Cuba in 1989. He played baseball from the age of 8 to 12. He was a runner in athletics until he finished high school with 18. Afterwards, he graduated in physical education.

Darien is a national coach in triathlon and others.

His hobbies are doing sport outdoors, travelling, hiking, live music, new technologies and training.


  • Pool lifeguard and water parks
  • First level course triathlon
  • Course Kaiser Machine
  • He attended Spinning
  • Course Kinesio tape
  • Course aqua gym

Working areas

  • Water activities
  • Resistance Sports Training
  • Sports training