Diving at Tenerife Top Training for all levels!

Diving in Tenerife


We offer services for people

  • Who are looking for special challenges.
  • Have individual physical or mental impairments.
  • Want to finally put unpleasant water experiences to rest.
  • Want to enjoy the world underwater.And we even dive with those who think they can’t. Nothing is impossible! We accompany you in personal training with our many years of experience and trained eye for detail.
  • Diving for all levels!

Personal Training


The learning pace and personal needs in the water are very individual. So that we can offer you a unique diving experience, we offer personal training for all groups of people. Set your focus and decide how fast you want to dive.

Are you looking for relaxation in a unique environment? In personal training, we offer relaxed learning of diving techniques in the pool and the sea. We pay attention to your speed. For us, diving is a shared experience. Besides the fun in the water, we want you to switch it off. Forget everyday life and recharge your batteries. Gather strength in the company of fish and other sea creatures, and let us guide you into the underwater world.

Would you like to take on a new challenge and push your limits? Even if you have never dived before or have had bad experiences, we will show you the safe way underwater. Starting with the first breathing exercises in a safe environment in and around the pool, up to the first dive together in the sea. Go your own way, step by step, and take the time you need.

We also offer children the opportunity to gain experience in the water. The focus here is on the fun. With simple exercises, we make the little ones fit for the big sea. Starting in the T3 pool, the children learn the basics of diving. Safety and the individual learning speed of the young divers are particularly important to us. Our youngest divers don’t even have to know how to swim or to dive.

Personal Handicap Diving on Tenerife


Floating, spinning, or even somersaulting in weightlessness is possible with just one breath or finger movement – and it’s easy too. Diving is fun, body awareness, adventure, and therapy.

Diving strengthens motor functions, the respiratory system, joints, and muscles. It relieves, relaxes, and strengthens at the same time. Coordination and self-awareness as well as new independent movements are also promoted.

In weightlessness, independence and autonomy are experienced and stimulated, which are often not possible or difficult to achieve on land. In this way, diving awakens new impulses, creates courage, strengthens self-confidence, and opens the view for new perspectives – physically, mentally, and in social interaction.

Diving is fun and brings a wide variety of people into contact.

We dive with children, adolescents, and adults of all ages as well as various forms and degrees of disabilities. Based on our many years of experience in schools for the physically disabled and in rehabilitation centers, we know that many things are possible that seem impossible to most.

Diving and floating diagnostics


Reach a new level in diving. Tenerife Top Training’s professional current channel offers the opportunity to work specifically on your diving technique. Learn how to perfect your leg kick and save air underwater. Use your improved technique on every single stroke. Extend your dives. In addition, you will gain experience in dealing with currents without fear in a perfect environment. In the open sea, this will help you in your diving experiences. Take the next step.


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