DVAG-Junior Team under the sun of Tenerife

It is a lot better to train in the sun than in the sports hall


Sun, swimming, fun – that’s what the athletes of the DVAG Junior Team from Germany had on the plan during their 10-day stay in mid-October at the Tenerife Top Training (T3).

Everyone knows that, you look out the window, the sun is shining at you from the blue sky and you feel motivated and full of energy. That’s what Jan Scholtz from the DVAG Junior Team, also feels like. “In my opinion, it is a lot better to train in the sun than in the sports hall,” Scholtz said. He is in the T3 for the third time with the DVAG Team. Not only because of the consistently good climatic conditions or because he can carry out his extensive training program with cycling, swimming, strength and stabilization training as well as preparation and follow-up, but also “because you can try something here like yesterday in the counter-current pool”. Yesterday we wanted to try the stabilization throughout the body in strong countercurrent and went up to a speed of 2.20 m/s. I had never done that before and actually hoped for something different, but it’s great that you can try something here” Scholtz explained.
hydrodynamic swimming flume is equally attractive for elite and amateur athletes, because the swimming technique can be evaluated and analyzed through a 3D video recording and tested up to a maximum speed of 2.50 m/s. This tactical arrangement of the training allows an increased efficiency of motion sequences by analyzing the movement sequences, which can be recorded from three different camera perspectives and analyzed on the screen.


The five young athletes

were accompanied by world champion Marco Koch and coach Joshua Neuloh. “Having Marco Koch as world champion in the training camp is a support and extra motivation for the swimmers of the DVAG junior team,” said coach Neuloh. “It’s very special when a world champion has breakfast with you in the morning and swims the same training plans as the young athletes themselves. He also gives them additional tips on what to do or what to do differently. He’s a team member, but if Marco says or does something, then it outweighs more,” Neuloh continued.

In addition to the daily swim training in the 50-meter pool of the T3, the swimmers also spent time in one of the two gyms to do their strength training, or they hopped on the spinning bikes to train their stamina. One unit led the athletes into the 400m² CrossFit Box, where they could optimize their speed, strength, balance, agility, endurance and skills.

But the days at Tenerife and in the T3 were not only shaped by training plans and laps in the pool, but they also missed out the fun. That’s what coach Joshua Neuloh cares about in every T3 training camp. “What we at DVAG are looking at is that we offer more and that the framework program is balanced. We also go to Siam Park, hiking, karting or playing a game of table tennis in the hotel. But also that we provide the athlete not only the expertise in the water but also outside of the pool” said Neuloh.

Already in 2016 the DVAG Junior Team trained at T3.

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