CANARIAS GONE BAD Europe Throwdown

When Europe turns dark and grey, why not extend your summer?

This Throwdown offers CrossFit athletes the chance to experience a variety of different sports domains that are often limited to the highest level of the sport. Inspired by the CrossFit Games  this competition provides:

  • Classic CrossFit workouts
  • Olympic weightlifting WODs
  • Swimming WODs
  • Endurance WODs
  • Strongman WODs.

Expect the unexpected combined over a European 2 day CrossFit Throwdown (Friday/Saturday at the beginning of October)

The 60.000 square foot (56.000 m²) Centre offers you a different environment to what you are used to in your boxes, garage gyms and regular competition arena. The Europe Throwdown spreads across different venues around the centre, including the 50m pool, which allows for a different and exciting event. The sunny weather not only gives athletes and supporters a sense that they are on holiday. It allows also for more outside based equipment such as sleds, atlas stones and obstacle course walls to be used within the workouts.

The use of the 50m pool for workouts may be seem scary or exciting, but it is an unforgettable experience to compete in such high level facilities. The workouts are accessible to all levels of swimming, and involve a CrossFit element such as Kettle Bell/ Dumbbell movements so all athletes can excel in the workout.

Teams are made up of 2 athletes (MM/FF) in this Europe Throwdown


Your team is made up of 2 athletes (MM/FF), adding the element of teamwork allowing you to both push and help each other in workouts which are specifically designed for both team and individual input. No doubt, the quality of the athletes at Canarias Gone Bad has risen each year but the range of ability and ages across the athletes always remains. Across both the male and female teams, the competition attracts the likes of regional athletes down to those who have been competing or participating in CrossFit for a more limited time. Competing in the same Europe Throwdown as such high level athletes gives a sense of accomplishment to those who have less experience in the sport, and allows for teams of all levels something to aspire to or to be competitive against.

The fact that there are no qualifiers for this Europe Throwdown, shows the diversity of the competition, as anyone is able to enter and compete. From a competitors point of view, Canarias Gone Bad offered everything an athlete would want in an event. Every workout presented a challenge for all athletes and across the competition weaknesses were exposed and strengths tested.

Replay of Canarias Gone Bad 2018

In the spirit of CrossFit, you will be cheered by your competitors and the supporters shout and encourage for whoever is on the competition floor. You get to know the other competitors and are then connected with athletes from many different athletes from all over the world which is an invaluable opportunity.

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