Your Best Kids Summer Camp on Tenerife

Dear parents, due to the situation in the world, we regret to inform you that the children’s summer camp 2020 is cancelled.

More information can be found on the Summer Camp website!

The next edition of our  Kids Summer Camp at Tenerife Top Training is coming soon, focusing on bringing fun for kids and teens from 6 to 14 years.  Ones using all the possibilities that our facilities offer. It is a well-known fact that our coaches work hard to get the most out of it!

From sports like tennis, football, baseball, indoor climbing or swimming to active learning games such as treasure hunts or raft building, all aimed to improve the individual motor skills. We do everything for the children to ensure an unforgettable experience while learning important values like teamwork and respect.

This year’s Kids Summer Camp again will fill five weeks in July in the south of Tenerife. During the five weeks, our kids and teens gain a great insight into the multifaced world of sports and at the same time making new friends. The children will be supervised the whole time by professional educators and our personal trainers. We will be ready to give our youngsters a summer of joy, here at the centre where the professionals train!

Included in the Subscription is:

  • Lunch
  • The practice of sports, recreational and educational activities
  • Accident insurance and civil responsibility
  • Didactical mediums and material for the activities of the program

General Objectives of your best Kids Summer Camp


  • Learn and benefit from the different sports and recreation activities offered by the camp
  • Enhance the basic physical capacities due to the offered activities
  • Learn to respect rules of behaviour
  • Respect the colleagues and the trainers
  • Develop creativity and imagination
  • Respect values like nature, community, generosity, empathy, solidarity, integration
  • Learn to apply the acquired values in daily life

Sport activities


  • Swimming
  • Waterpolo
  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Tennis
  • Athletics
  • Fitness
  • Handball
  • Dancing
  • Community games
  • Art craft
  • Climbing and rappelling
  • And many more
  1. The camp is located in a quiet area of La Caleta in the south of Tenerife, making it easy to get to the destination.
  2. The camp is for kids from 6 to 14 years.
  3. To participate in the camp itself does not require any specialized knowledge and skills.
  4. Kids will have the opportunity to try out more than 20 kinds of sports.
  5. In addition to sports activities, there will be a great variety of games and contests.
  6. Instructors and counsellors are specialists in Physical Education.

Here you can find more about your Best Kids Summer Camp