HIGH-END TRAINING: the Swimming Flume

Technological progress is becoming more common in sports and the development of modern sports equipment. But the most complex sports equipment is and remains the athlete himself. To optimize his skills, there is a wealth of performance measurement and optimization tools to capture as many parameters as possible in service delivery.

In a counter-current pool, it is possible to generate exact flow velocities and make conditions completely repeatable and reproducible. Unlike in the pelvis, and comparable to a treadmill, the athlete is given a uniform speed. This allows, on the one hand, precise control of the swimming speed, but forces the athlete on a given speed.


Besides the two outdoor pools, Tenerife Top Training also possesses a high-end counter-current pool with a maximum speed of 2.5m/s. Analysis and evaluation of the swimming technique can be conducted through a 3D video recording, which is equally attractive to elite and amateur athletes.

Benefits for your training


  • Tactical arrangement of the training
  • Efficiency of motion sequences can be increased
  • Possibility of training session with control of speed and loads
  • Instant feedback at the screen to get a better hydrodynamic position
  • Analysis and interpretation of tridimensional position changes in the water
  • Testing of parameters such as stroke rate, cycle length and breathing frequency
  • Targeted therapy for rehabilitation purposes under constant circumstances
  • Underwater observation window
  • Constant water temperature of 27°C
  • Pool size: 7,00m x 4,00m x 1,35m (L x W x D)

Our service around your training


Guests that use the flume can ask for any service we offer in the whole center.

The flume itself is attended by licensed coaches and scientist, who help you analyse your performance.

Tenerife Top Training offers professional service for:

  • Clubs
  • Sports groups, teams
  • Professional athletes
  • Recreational athletes
  • All season training camps
  • Summer school camps
  • Tournaments
  • Meetings and conferences