All you need to get in shape - OUR GYMS

Our Fitness Facilities provide a whole lot of opportunities for you to get on with your individual fitness training, boot camp or training camp or to spice up your Cross-training and sports holiday. On more than 56.000m² our two perfectly equipped gyms alongside two challenging Cross-training boxes offer everything you might probably dream of!

Train in the Indoor Gym


The indoor gym is located in the main building of T3 and has a large training area with the latest equipment from TechnoGym® and Keiser®, alongside two rooms for group exercises.

In addition, highly qualified fitness instructors are always available for personal training or questions. Our varied workout classes complete the fitness offer of T3.

Outstanding is our kinesic-machine which gives you the opportunity to train your muscle-chains on a tridimensional level. To top it up our tool “Tanita” can conduct a detailed body-analysis if wished.

Indoor Gym Equipment

  • 2 Rowing machines (Concept 2®)
  • 3 Treadmills (Woodway®)
  • 2 Crosstrainers (Keiser ®)
  • 6 Ergometers (Keiser® and TechnoGym®)
  • 1 Climbing machine (Versa Climber®)
  • Separate room with 14 spinning bikes (TechnoGym®)
  • Large selection of dumbbells, barbells and benches
  • Hydraulic machines e.g. lat pulldown, butterfly, leg press, hamstrings, squat, cable pull…

Enjoy your Training Outside – Our Outdoor Gym


The covered outdoor gym is located between the two football pitches and has a large selection of free weights as well as Nautilus® and TechnoGym® equipment. Both, the indoor studio with its breathtaking views and the outdoor studio with the pleasant temperatures, make the workouts a true experience. Both studios can be reserved exclusively for teams.

Outdoor Gym Equipment

  • Weight Machines: Butterfly, rowing machine, lat pull, equipment for abdominal – and calves exercises, cable pulls, leg curls,                 leg extension, multi-hip, leg press
  • TRX®, gymnastic balls, medicine balls, TheraBands, mats, punching bag, stepper
  • Running track and football pitches located next to the outdoor gym

Get going in the outdoor Cross-training boxes


We´re not sure whether you feel the same but as for us, we feel a little uncomfortable sitting in our offices all day. And then training in neon light? Nah! All we´re wishing for in life is a nice palm and a good power rack. Is that too much to ask?

Definitely not! We’ll get you back outside to fresh air and sunlight.

At T3 you don’t just find two outdoor Cross-training boxes but also pools as well as grass- and sand pitches. And if you should still be missing at our 56.000 m² playgrounds we´ll just go down to the beach together for a nice beach WOD! :)


  • 400m² outdoor Cross-training box
  • 200m² outdoor competition box
  • Olympic swimming pool (50 m)
  • Swimming pool (25 m)
  • Swimming flume
  • 2 Natural grass pitches
  • Artificial pitch with Cross-training corner
  • Obstacle course
  • Track and field course
  • 2 Gyms

Our service alongside your training


All service offered by Tenerife Top Training can be used by guests of the gym as well.

In addition, our coaches in the gym are always prepared to help you with your training and to improve your performance during your workout. We really provide all you need to get in shape!

Tenerife Top Training offers professional fitness service for:

  • Clubs
  • Sports groups, teams
  • Professional athletes
  • Recreational athletes
  • All season training camps
  • Summer school camps
  • Tournaments
  • Meetings and conferences