Hannah Miley: ”A happy swimmer is always a fast swimmer“

At Tenerife Top Training you raise your game


Hannah Miley smiles. It’s obvious she enjoys her time in the water. Defiance of the hard practice she needs to swim, the 27 years old three times Olympians from Aberdeen moves forward. “I do enjoy training hard and find the extra push. If you find it, you’ll feel satisfaction”, says Miley. Together with 38 team members of the Scottish Amateur Swimming Association, Hannah Miley practiced at Tenerife Top Training to prepare for the following months. “I want to work as hard as I can. Here you get pushed by the other people around. I compete against them a lot. Hence I want to be fast in practice, too. At Tenerife Top Training you raise your game”, says Miley, who competes in individual medley.

During the time in the water Hannah’s father Patrick Miley stands outside, stops the times and writes down every single detail of the session. In April 2016 the former helicopter pilot became a full time coach. Now, he is supporting his daughter every day. “It’s great to have him here”, Hannah says. “He knows so much about swimming and makes sure I stay as professional as possible. He uses other methods and these work. Why should I change things when they aren’t broken? I’ll follow him to the end of the world”, says Miley, who started swimming at the age of three.


If you see Hannah’s and Patrick’s work during practice, you can imagine what she refers to. They speak about the technique and focus on the efficiency of every stroke in every swimming style. Hannah isn’t the tallest swimmer; hence she tries to use her technique to diminish her disadvantage. In this way, she is successful. In 2012 she became World and European Champion in 400 meters individual medley on short course. 2008, 2012 and 2016 she was a member of the GB-Olympic Team and reached the fourth place in Rio in 400 individual medley. Miley likes the challenges during competition and practice for this swimming style. “Bring all four strokes on competition; this is the challenge. Therefore individual medley is complicated but I have fun. You need all muscles and I think if I stick to one stroke only, it’ll be boring”, says Miley with a smile on her face. Generally the 27 years old Scottish swimmer seems to be happy during her time here on Tenerife. If she can take her experiences from T3 back to the daily life in Scotland, 2017 will be a good year, because she knows: “A happy swimmer is always a fast swimmer.”

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