Health: Our highest priority

Training under professional guidance can be worth it


Being fit and in a great shape is more appreciated than ever. Many people of all ages strive for a healthy and lean body. There often is a lack of time, motivation and knowledge of how to proceed in order to achieve its goals. Lukas Brandmeier, personal trainer of Tenerife Top Training, knows the danger of getting injured and explains why training under professional guidance can be worth it.

As an athletic coach, Lukas creates training plans, helps with the selection of training equipment and advises teams as well as single athletes. The 23-year-old takes care of different people during their training, provides help and corrects faults. ” I have various types of clients. I am working with a younger athlete to bring him back to game as well as the rehabilitation of an arthrosis patient.”, Lukas tells.


A tailor-made training

Any personal training at Tenerife Top Training is individualized. First of all, the possibilities, limitations or injuries of the athlete have to be analyzed. “Someone who sits in the office all day should follow a different program than someone who prepares for a competition,” explains the coach from Germany. For Lukas, the individuality in the planning and the targeted execution are the most important elements of an effective training. “From the actual state you have to work progressively your way up to the target state. The maximum performance without any injuries is the most important thing for us. In addition to that, it is also important to be aware of what you are doing and what exercises are good for. We analyze this and decide which methods would be effective”, he continues. “A personal trainer is not an entertainer. The motivation has to be provided by oneself.”

With struggle comes strength: On the way to the goal, there are often stumbling blocks. For Lukas, one of the most serious hurdles in the training is the threat to health: “If the body is injured, you can not achieve goals.” The unadjusted training might be a risk. The athletic coach often observes that the athletes do exercises incorrectly and accordingly put an unphysiologic strain on the body.

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Training plans from the Internet are easy to get. Nevertheless they are without proper control and personal observation.“ Quality may be expensive, but it is worth it. We have qualified athletic coaches who have graduated in sports science, “Lukas says. To get the maximum out of it, you should trust in professionel help. The support of professionals can also help to set realistic goals. “We lay a foundation, plan in a sustainable way and then assist the client individually,” Lukas explains. It takes a lot of time to make a realistic assessment of aims. But the focus is always on the ultimate goal: our health.

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