From injury to new tasks – Jérémy Stravius

At Tenerife Top Training we’ve got all the necessary facilities


In the Interview with Jérémy Stravius, he talks about his injury and his comeback.

Jérémy Stravius’ new year didn’t start well. The French swimmer has got a scaphoid fracture. Therefore currently he isn’t able to continue his practice in the water. Nevertheless, Stravius has a good feeling looking back at the last months. “2016 was a very good year. The silver medal and the time at the Olympics were great experiences. In addition, I didn’t expect the two times silver at World Championships short course in Windsor. It was a great end of the year”, says Stravius. Now the 28 years old had to change his plans for 2017. In Tenerife, he uses his time to continue with the rehabilitation after his fracture. “At Tenerife Top Training we’ve got all necessary facilities. I enjoy the time with my teammates and the practice with my coach. Here everything is easier than in France”, explains the swimmer.  During his practice, Jérémy sticks to a plan for his comeback. He improves his endurance and focuses on his legs. “I want to lose some weight to prepare my comeback in the water. Hence I practice a lot on cardio and endurance”, Stravius says.

Generally, the swimmer from Abbeville changed a lot after the Olympics. With 28 years he doesn’t want to continue with the same routine in the water. “I changed my program and focus on 50 meters backstroke. Therefore I reduced my time in the water and try to improve my performance with other types of practice”, explains Stravius. Nevertheless, he wants to stay with his longtime coach Michel Chrétien. “Michel has six other swimmers. During their second time in the water, I’ll practice something else”, says Stravius. With this new plan, he wants to go his way to the World Championships 2017 in Budapest.


At the World Championships, he will then focus on the 50 Backstroke individually. But also Jérémy Stravius will stick to training with the French team and their relays in freestyle. Especially the atmosphere in the French national team is one key factor for the World Champion of 2011. “The spirit in the team during practice and competitions is special. In France, we have a lot of swimmers with high performance. Hence a lot of people want to practice together with the French team. I’m proud to be part of this”, Stravius says. For the coming months, Jérémy will work hard to become a member of the French team at the World Championships. End of May he’ll try his comeback at the French Championships in Strasbourg. “Maybe I’ll need to wear hand protection during the competition, but I’ll want to qualify for the World Championships”, Stravius says.

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