Due to the sunny weather and the outstanding service, Tenerife Top Training is able to welcome anybody who wants to improve their own performance.

T3 offers a place for every athlete and many sports. Whether rugby, triathlon, tennis, beach volleyball or athletics the facility in the south-west of Tenerife welcomes anyone.

Our facility is nearly 100% barrier-free for wheelchair users and customers with restricted mobility. So disabled people can practice at the T3 and do all kind of sports, accompined by liscensed coaches and instructors.

If our facility can not satisfy all your desires, Tenerife reveals itself with great bike and running tracks. And near the Tenerife Top Training you can rent multifunctional halls where you can train judo, basketball and all other sports.

In addition, all our sports offers are ideal for balancing training for athletes from other areas. Footballers go swimming, swimmers play tennis and virtually everyone uses the fitness offers.

Your training camp is waiting