Ocean Walker Technique Masterclass

Developed by renowned swimming expert and pioneer of the Ocean Walker Technique, Adam Walker, this unique masterclass is designed to take you through the five stages that build up to the Ocean Walker Technique, helping you improve your swimming abilities and technique.

Not only will you learn how to master the Ocean Walker Technique, but you will also have the opportunity to progress your swimming further. The small group classes ensure personalized attention and guidance from expert instructors.

3 DAY INTENSIVE MASTERCLASS in the pool with Adam Walker learning the Ocean Walker Technique, the world’s most efficient front crawl swim technique.

Suitable for all abilities
(Course will be in English language).
ABILITY LEVEL: Suitable for complete beginners to advanced!

Course Date 3 Day Masterclass – Sat 1st – Mon 3rd April 2023


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Ocean Walker Technique 3-Day Intensive Masterclass


Tenerife Top Training is proud to announce Adam Walker’s SPECIAL 3-Day Masterclass on the Ocean Walker Technique. This comprehensive program not only teaches you how to master the Ocean Walker Technique but also helps you progress your swimming abilities further, even if you’ve trained with him before.


Here’s what you can expect from this exclusive 3-day masterclass:

Day 1:

In a small group, you’ll go through the 5 stages that build up to the Ocean Walker Technique. These stages, or drills, will teach you how to position your body efficiently in the water, prevent injuries, and swim faster for longer. Adam will give live demonstrations of his stroke, explain the benefits of his swimming style, and guide you individually. Your progress will be filmed for video analysis.

Day 2:

You’ll start the day with a pool session to review and practice what you learned on day one. Afterwards, you’ll have a progress review in the classroom, followed by Adam’s guidance on what you need to work on to improve your position and timing.

Day 3:

The final swim session is all about working with Adam to fine-tune areas that need attention. Your progress will be filmed for the final video review and close of the program.

This masterclass is a group session, but we understand that everyone learns at their own pace. If you need extra time spent in one area, we’ll spend that time with you. If you’re a quick learner, we’ll move you on faster. This program is suitable for all levels and abilities of swimmers. Join us for an unforgettable experience that will enhance your swimming skills and leave you with a deep understanding of the Ocean Walker Technique.