Training Philosophy of Tenerife Top Training

Our philosophy of training is used by all our trainers and is based on four pillars, which are all equally important to reach the client’s goals with the maximum success and at the lowest threats possible.

  • Having the mindset to adopt the changes to your everyday life and thereby to assure the success in the long-run.
  • The priority of nutrition is, to give body and mind what they need to support your training at its best.
  • Basic and structured movement is essential for well-being, weight control and vitality.
  • Ensuring the recreation of mind and body during resting.

These principles have to be executed on a regular basis, along every day, every week and every year.

The Method

Characteristics of Personal Training

  • We guarantee a continuous planning and a constant variety of your training and the contents of each session.
  • We ensure individually adapted training sessions, depending on the availability, goals and demands of each client.
  • We want to achieve the client’s goals under consideration of the areas of health, performance and rehabilitation of injuries.
  • We prioritise working on the motoric abilities and correcting the posture, during the exercises to improve the quality of each movement.

Personal Training

Certified Trainers

Each of our employees commands a university degree in the field of sports science and competition. You can have a look at the exact skills of each trainer at Certified Athletic Coaches. Tenerife Top Training – the art of performance excellence!

Before the training

Anamnesis (survey on the current condition) contains a conversation to recognize harmful behaviours. Afterwards, we define together with each client its individual goals. A sports scientific analysis (functional movement screen, octobalance and leg motion) to identify individual deficits and compensation muster in the motion-sequence is also integrated. Based on both, we create an individual training schedule for each client.