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Do you want to lose weight, get in shape, gain muscle, or simply exercise on a regular basis? If so, our personal training philosophy is ideal for you. Success does not happen by chance!

Since 2018, our trainers are out there to help you in reaching your objectives.
Benefit from your Personal Training in the High-Performance Sports Centre!


What benefits can you expect from our personal training?

Personal training with Tenerife Top Training

What kind of personal training do you require?

What does your personal training with T3 look like?

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Painless movement

During the initial analysis, we determine which exercises are problematic for your body. We will then work through these flaws step by step until you feel comfortable in sports and in everyday life! In this regard, if your doctor recommends more exercise or you suffer from chronic joint diseases, you’ve come to the right place!

Athletic body

Our training isn’t just for quickly bulking up! Instead, we want to improve your athleticism, strength, and flexibility. Toned glutes, flat stomachs, upright posture, and attractive faces are also advantages of our training.

More flexibility

To ensure your long-term success, we rely on the most effective mobility concepts: this is how we eliminate the stubborn tension that has plagued your body for so long.

More strength and endurance

To get you fit for everyday life, we rely on natural movement patterns. This is how we increase your efficiency and flexibility for a more fulfilling daily life.


Personal training with Tenerife Top Training


There are hundreds of gyms, CrossFit boxes, boot camps, and personal trainers to choose from. Choosing the best location can be difficult. Uncertainty is frequently caused by differences in training methods and the quality of fitness trainers. Many promise quick results, tout themselves as the best trainers or offer low prices.


Why with us in T3?

We are confident that each individual requires individualized training methods. As a result, we develop a personalized program that teaches you the best training techniques and how to use fitness equipment. Motivation and inspiration are essential!
Our trainers specialize in weight loss, injury recovery, athletic training, body stability, and strength training. Working with one of our personal trainers is the most personalized and long-term approach to achieving your goals.
We combine our passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle with our knowledge and professional experience, as well as an unwavering commitment, to help you achieve your goals. All of this, along with our strong team spirit, lays the groundwork for our guests’ success.

Who is suitable for our Personal Training?

You don’t have to be an athlete or fitness guru to take part. Even if you are a professional athlete, we want to assist you in taking the next step.
Together with your personal trainer, you will have full access to the sports centre, allowing you to achieve your goals through a variety of training methods. There are numerous opportunities for advancement, whether in the 50 m Olympic swimming pool, on the racetrack or in the spa area!

You might also run into Olympic champions or professional soccer players because our sports centre is a hotspot for international athletes!


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What does your personal training with T3 look like?


Every personal trainer has a different strategy for coaching clients. Generally speaking, your first workout should give you ample time to talk about your nutrition, current activity level, and fitness objectives.


A personal trainer’s job is to assist you in reaching your fitness goals, so we’ll discuss what you’re hoping to achieve in the first place during your first session.
Your trainer may ask if you are happy with your current weight, if you want to lose or gain weight, or if you want to build muscle. Get ready to step on the scale and have your trainer measure your waist, chest, thighs, hips, and biceps.

Health history

Our personal trainers will ask you about your medical history to make sure we pay attention to every detail because it can have a big impact on the kinds of exercises you can do during your sessions.
Mention any ongoing conditions you may have, including diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other ailments. You can work with your doctor to create a workout plan that is suitable and safe if you so choose.

Fitness experiences

Discussion of your fitness history. If you have previously worked with a personal trainer or live an active lifestyle, your trainer may inquire. Tell your coach about your athletic background, even if you haven’t played in years. Based on this story, your trainer can create the program.

Physical assessment

Your first session can start after your trainer evaluates your physical condition. You will undergo a series of fundamental fitness tests from your trainer.
As an illustration: While you are running on the treadmill, your trainer is keeping track of your distance, pace, and rate of exhaustion. To evaluate your flexibility and strength, he or she might also have you perform stretching exercises or check how much weight you can lift.
With the help of these quick tests, you can determine your current level of fitness, create a strategy that takes into account both your strengths and shortcomings and monitor your development over the coming weeks and months.


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What kind of personal training do you need?

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