Personal training in Europe's best sports centre

For whom is personal training suitable?

What is the difference in the T3?

How does it work at T3?

What are the benefits?

✔️ You train efficiently and achieve your goals quickly.

✔️ We orient your training to your (time) budget.

✔️ You get professional expert tips for your workout.

✔️ You learn how to perform all exercises correctly.

✔️ You will be super motivated and stay on the ball.

✔️ Measurable results with quality standards

✔️ Exclusive location for your private training with unique equipment


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For whom it is suitable?

Personal training is suitable for everyone. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced exerciser, a professional personal trainer will help you achieve your goals faster and better and perform all exercises correctly. 

He or she is your contact for questions about your fitness workout. In addition, a personal trainer is a great motivator if your one’s weaker self makes an appearance. 🙂

Why Personal Training at T3? 

There are hundreds of gyms, CrossFit boxes, boot camps or personal trainers. Choosing the right location for you can be difficult if you don’t know or can’t judge the differences between the training methods and the quality of the trainers. Many promises quick results, call themselves the best trainers or offer attractive prices.

So why should you come to us?


How is your individual training at T3 different from others?

Europe’s best sports centre offers excellent facilities for Olympic champions, world champions and professional footballers. Here, you benefit from a unique sports atmosphere that motivates and drives you. Furthermore, we define our competence as coaches by the results that our clients have achieved together with us. 

By this, we mean measurable and visible results and positive changes in their everyday lives. Because at “T3 Personal Training”, the care of our clients does not stop when you leave the training area. 

Our goal is for our clients to feel better, look better and be able to do more.

Instead of training you into the ground, we make you more powerful. With this holistic approach, hard training, which is necessary for visible results, is not a problem in the long run.


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How does  Personal Training work at T3?

Your Personal Training

With a personal trainer, you can reach your goals faster and better. He is up-to-date and answers all your questions about your workout. And the best thing is: he always encourages you to go beyond your limits! 

Whether it’s functional training or with equipment — your personal trainer will tailor your workout to your individual needs. After a certain amount of time, he knows your performance curve in detail and gives you targeted feedback on how to improve your fitness.

The mix of knowledge and practical experience, our enthusiasm for strength training and a fit lifestyle, the unconditional will for our clients to achieve their goals and, of course, our strong teamwork are the foundations for your success!

“T3 Personal Training” wants your success! The success of our clients is our quality standard. With us as trainers and advisors at your side, you set the right course to reach your goal and invest in your fitness progress!

Choose your package and come to Tenerife Top Training for your personal training!


Your Personal Training


Every week has 168 hours. We all want to get the most out of that time. Your body needs to be ready for this and provide the energy for your goals and thoughts.


Visual appearance is a crucial factor for many people and one of the main areas of life that need to be mastered. Everyone has a specific image of themselves in their mind, and with the proper nutrition and training, we will achieve this together.


Your posture is part of your first impression. It also affects your hormonal balance, your digestion and plays a significant role in injury-free training. We have the most efficient techniques to improve your posture in seconds.


Your health should be your top priority. Without your health, you will not be able to achieve your goals. It is the basis for any change and maintenance — and therefore, the essential thing in T3’s philosophy.


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