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Tenerife Top Training (T3) is known for offering first-class Rugby Training Camps for amateurs and professionals in Europe all year round.

The high-performance training centre T3 is located close to a range of 3, 4 and 5-star accommodations. It has two first-class grass pitches equipped with floodlights, showers and changing rooms.

Everything a rugby team needs is provided for.

  • Two world-class rugby pitches
  • Accommodation of the highest standard
  • Three fully equipped gyms
  • Complemented by the dedicated service of our experienced staff.

The excellent standard of the natural grass pitches, training facilities, first-class organization and service have resulted in a number of top teams choosing our facility. They used our facility for their pre-season and winter camps and in the run-up to important matches and competitions

All rugby camps are individually tailored to fit your team’s needs. Benefit from more than 13 years of experience working with professional rugby teams. This way, you can be sure that every aspect of your stay is taken care of!


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Facilities & equipment for your rugby camp


On top of the two full-sized pitches, an additional smaller pitch can be used for various training purposes. Tenerife Top Training supplies a complete range of rugby training equipment from rugby balls to tackle shields and bags, hurdles, cones, and sticks as well as rugby goals.

The athletic track, two gym areas (one inside/one outside), and a Cross-training box provide an unequalled opportunity to build up your team’s strength and athleticism. The facilities also include various massage rooms, two swimming pools, and a spa area to make sure your rugby team can recover after a long day of practice.


  • Natural grass pitch I (Full size: 100 m x 70 m; Playing area: Adjustable upon request)
  • Natural grass pitch II (Full size: 104 m x 80 m; Playing area: Adjustable upon request)
  • Complimentary natural grass pitch
  • All pitches are equipped with modern floodlights


Sports facilities for your training camp

  • Strength and Conditioning Gym
  • Rehabilitation Gym
  • 400 m² Cross-training Box
  • Athletics track
  • Running ramp
  • 2 x Heated swimming pools (Olympic and 25 m)
  • High-tech countercurrent swimming pool for rehabilitation
  • 2 x Beach volleyball courts
  • 7 x Tennis hard courts
  • 4 x Padel courts
  • Changing rooms


Rugby Equipment

  • Rugby goals
  • Tackle shields
  • Tackle bags
  • Hurdle sets
  • Agility poles & ladders
  • Cones
  • Med balls
  • Speed Sled
  • Portable weight training equipment
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Rugby Training Camps Package & Services


We aspire to provide you with the perfect conditions to make the most of your rugby camp. All training packages are tailor-made to fit the camp exactly to your team’s needs and wishes.

We design our packages so that you can run a successful training camp, free of any hassle. Through years of experience with many professional teams, we know in detail which aspects are essential for your training camp in Spain. Our services include hotel accommodation, bus transfers, laundry, the organization of friendly matches, and many more. This way you can focus on getting your team ready for the upcoming season.



  • Hotel accommodation (3, 4, or 5 stars) with upgrades for coaches and management personnel
  • Two daily training sessions
  • Access to all the different training and rehab facilities


  • Support of the organization of friendly matches
  • English-speaking contact persons
  • Luxury bus transfer from and to the airport
  • Transfers to training and matches
  • Laundry service
  • Continuous supply of mineral water


Don’t hesitate to contact us for your Rugby Training Camp!

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