The best Sports Camps

In all sports camps at Tenerife Top Training, you will learn interesting facts about training theory and the right technique. During your stay, you will receive the best support and advice in the area of training theory according to the latest state of knowledge and much more. Glen and Holger put their heart and soul into their work! Convince yourself of this. Many participants are enthusiastic and attend the swimming and triathlon camps every year.

Improve your endurance, technique and coordination among like-minded people. It’s twice as much fun in a group!

For individualists, we also offer tailor-made Flexi Camps or personal training on holiday. Or organise your own training camp!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will achieve great results during your stay! There is something for everyone in our sports camps. We are happy to adapt your diet to your needs during your stay at the camp!

You can find further information about our camps below.


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