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Steven Gerrard Academy in Tenerife


When a legend’s name, like Steven Gerrard, stands for an academy, promises have been made. The academy is known for its endeavors to promote individual talents, covering various areas in the sports and health sector, and offering education worldwide. 16-19-year-olds are not only trained by UEFA-licence coaches but are also looked after by personal tutors who work in groups to attend to the needs of individual students.

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Steven Gerrard Academy Connects

The Academy provides participants and graduates with connections to universities, athletic scholarships in the US and UK, and coaching or trainer jobs around the world.

During the two-year full-time study, visitors to the academy are familiarized with the basic school education as well as with all the necessary knowledge in the field of coaching, nutrition, and general sports and health promotion.

At the annual meeting in Liverpool, students from all over England, the Middle East, and Tenerife come together to share their experiences about this unique training, because location-specific differences add to the diversity of the Steven Gerrard Academy.

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Jason Smith

Passion. This is exactly what you can see in the eyes of Jason Smith, director of the Steven Gerrard Academy in Tenerife, when he talks about his new project. The passionate sports teacher practiced his profession as a coach and lecturer in English clubs and schools for more than 20 years, and decided last autumn to continue his activities in sunny Tenerife.

Here he found another location for the world-famous “Steven Gerrard Academy” on the premises of the famous “Tenerife Top Training” training center. This is already in the 10th year of study and offers young, sporty schoolchildren the opportunity to pursue their passion and at the same time secure the foundation for their future academic career.

The new location in Tenerife is aimed at young people who want to become professional athletes, coaches, teachers, physiotherapists, sports scientists, and much more.

Due to the close connection to the other academies, the students are offered a wide range of international trips, such as a visit to a soccer game, lectures by leading figures in the world of sports, or a visit to a faculty of their choice.

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