English professional footballer Steven Taylor

Pre-Season Preparation at T3


While other players may enjoy their break before the Pre-Season, Steven Taylor is already about to get fit for it. When the season ends he got two weeks off for relaxing and to switch off football, to enjoy family time and meet friends. “Normally you have six to seven weeks off for holiday but I could not use them as a break. I needed a head-start for the Pre-Season Preparation before I get back”, the football player from England said. Accordingly, he got back to football and took – together with his physical coach – the flight to Tenerife.

He is best known for his longtime association with Newcastle United F.C. : The 31-year-old Steven Taylor ,who is currently playing for Ipswich Town F.C., trained in the facilities of Tenerife Top Training (T3) for almost one month in June 2017. “I am into professional football since twelve years. When you are getting older – I am 31-year old now – you have young defenders, who are trying to get your position. So it is up to me now to look after my body and do the best I possibly can to make sure that I am better and fitter than them. Putting me in shape, getting fit for Pre-Season: That’s why I am here”, Taylor explained.


After having an injury of the hamstring, Taylor and his coach focused on it with strengthening training to make sure it will release. Therefore he trained with strengthening and conditioning coach Christopher Wilding every day. “It’s been hard work but we love that kind of pain feeling. We worked hard, sweated a lot, had a nice time. Do the right stuff, eat good and you will feel good,” Tayler happily said. “I enjoy the training with Chris. It is good to have second eyes looking at me. It gives me a kick on.”

“When you go abroad, you do not have many facilities like you have here. It’s been a pleasant training while having the pitch to ourselves. I have been here with Newcastle, that’s why I came back”, Taylor said. “It’s the perfect place, especially when players have injuries they should not stick in the same training ground. The best for the physio is to get them out of their environment and bring them to a facility like T3 because this gives them a boost.”

Steven Taylor is living his personal dream. He loves his sport, he loves football: “It is my life. I love that kind of feeling during the games. Like anybody can be anybody.”


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