Swimming Training with the professional coach Dr Tomas Barreda

“The way is the goal!”


This is exactly what a swimmer must never forget, whether as a beginner or a professional athlete. Learning to swim properly is a process that can take years. But as we all know, consistency is key. If you take a look at the 50 meters swimming lane behind the huge walls of the well-equipped “Tenerife Top Training” training centre, you will notice one person immediately: Dr Tomas Hernandez Barreda. He is a certified professional coach who is specialized in swimming training and coaching at Tenerife Top Training.

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Tomas Barreda: professional Swimming training coach at Tenerife Top Training

Tomas was born in Tenerife and has been an integral part of the training team on the renowned sports campus in the south of Tenerife for over 13 years. He has several degrees and training in sports, swimming, and rehabilitation. In addition to his work as a professional swimming coach and trainer, he also works as a lecturer.

When asked what he values most about his job, he replied: “I love that every day is a new adventure. No day, no training and no athlete is like the other. You start from scratch with each individual, regardless of whether you are a professional athlete or a beginner in swimming. The time it takes to progress varies from person to person, but when an athlete comes to me for the first time, it is like a blank piece of paper at first. The way is the goal. ”

Together with other trainers at the facility, he forges individual training units for individual customers that include swimming training as well as general fitness and strength training. The swimming equipment in Tenerife Top Training includes ten 50 meters and six 25 meters lanes, which are available to athletes all year round, with a water temperature of 26-28 degrees Celsius.

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Training and exercise

There is also the possibility of using the swimming flume. Particular attention is paid here to the technology. In the 7.00 m x 4.00 m x 1.35 m (L x W x D) pool, there is the possibility for both the coach and the athlete to receive an immediate analysis of the movements on a screen to see the hydrodynamic position of the body and an underwater observation window to correct any mistakes promptly.  The Flume can reach a velocity of up to 2.5 m/s. Due to the naturally mineral-rich water and the special water filtration system, the usage of chlorine can be severely reduced.

In addition, the efficiency of motion sequences can be increased by using different devices such as underwater resistance weights.

Another great advantage of the swimming training channel is that, in contrast to swimming in the open pool, the athletes can swim at a constant pace. This allows them to concentrate better on their technique, but at the same time also undergo other analyses, such as a lactate measurement, for example.

Tomas Hernandez Barreda’s top 5 tips to focus on while swimming

  1. Body position
  2. Arm movement
  3. Leg movement
  4. Breathing technique
  5. Coordination


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According to professional trainer Tomas, it is necessary to work on all components individually. With the help of various aids, such as a Pull Buoy, the focus can be put on directly to a weak point and can be improved in a targeted manner.

Because of all these peculiarities, the “Tenerife Top Training” training centre, founded in 2008, has in recent years developed into a hub for numerous well-known swimming athletes such as Adam Peaty and Evgeny Rylov. You can also find local people enjoying a good swim or taking a lesson under professional supervision.

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