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“Unique, customized and inspiring” is exactly how the owner and co-founder of the Full-time  Tenerife Tennis Academy Kris Gray describes his job. He has been the LTA Level 5 qualified Master Performance Coach and the Academy Director for many years and is responsible for the development of all TTA player training programs. The academy specializes in tennis as a competitive sport and offers all participating children and young people to have an extensive and personally composed life with and around their passion. Become a pro with Tenerife Tennis Academy!

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Learning at Tenerife Tennis Academy

At their location on Tenerife, during the day the participants are in the famous Tenerife Top Training competitive sports center, where they complete 3 to 5 1/2 hours of training a day, depending on the age group. These sports units range from technique and strength training to coordination training and injury prevention. During the rest of the time, each student receives an individually compiled learning and school program that is tailored to their age, strengths, and goals.

The own school offers a flexible study program for the students, which is adapted to the different training and tournament times. Furthermore, it is also possible to visit the online classes during various trips to enable the young athletes to acquire IGCSE and A-Levels or the Spanish curriculum, CIDEAD.

The Tenerife Tennis Academy takes time to care for each student in a constellation of a maximum of 8 students per teacher and offers individual support by personal coaches and mentors, through special online software packages. The official UTR Academy offers three different accommodation options for their athletes: a house, a hotel, or within a host family. In addition to the given training and learning program, there is the possibility of booking physiotherapy, nutritional advice, mental training, rehab, or game analysis to cater to the special needs of the individual.

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The offers of the Tenerife Tennis Academy range from a one-week taster course to a one-month intensive training camp to a year-round training and performance program. Regardless of which you choose, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable experience that you will not want to miss in your life and that will be a stepping stone for a career of your own.

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