The Modern Day Goalkeeper – The T3 becomes a film set

They share goalkeeper techniques daily with almost 60,000 subscribers


When they recorded their first video in a small place, it was raining cats and dogs. Lee covered his face with a mask while he was performing his football trick in front of the camera. The two brothers from England did not expect that this video, which ultimately reached up to two million clicks, would pave the way for recognition and success. Their latest video was taken on the natural grass pitch of Tenerife Top Training. The sun was shining at 25 degrees. They are not wearing masks anymore. Their faces are well-known: one year later, they share goalkeeper techniques daily with almost 60,000 subscribers on Instagram.

Mark and Lee Robinson are passionate about football since their childhood. They are running common social-media accounts under the name “The Modern Day Goalkeeper”, sharing their experiences around goalkeeping. “Fifteen years ago, I would have wished for a person like me. A person, who advised me, encouraged me to take on new opportunities and put the pressure off,” says Lee Robinson. The 31-year-old trainer wants to offer that and accordingly realized the idea with his brothers Mark and Shawn. “It is important for us to make young goalkeepers physically and mentally strong. In most teams there is too much negativity and pressure. We want to inspire young people to take on new opportunities, “explains Mark. In addition to that the support of a coach is important in order to improve performance.

Mark und Lee Robinson are posing for the camera. They are wearing grey nike shirts and smiling Mark Robinson is standing on the Football pitch. In the Background is the building of Tenerife Top Training. He is holding a football and looks where he can throw it. Mark Robinson runs and want to shoot a football. His brother Lee Robinson is about 10 meters over. To the left and right of Lee are blue football mannequins Lee Robinson stands and points with his right hand to his brother Mark Robinson who is squatting. He holds a football. This is a screenshot the home page of the-modern-day-goalkeeper on Instagramm


Besides national and international private persons there are also big companies like Sportbible and Nike among their subscribers. The two coaches describe their postings as a combination of inspiration, motivation, guidance and technical sessions about goalkeeper training. “Our Instagram presence is also to make others appreciate goalkeepers more. They do an important job and are often so good, “says Mark, who studied sport science, works as a personal trainer and also runs the Instagram page” Modern Day Fitness “.

They make good goalkeepers better and better goalkeepers excellent. For the brothers, who are living in Scotland and England, the most important skills of a good goalkeeper are positivity, mental strength and individuality.  Furthermore flexibility, speed, bounce and the right timing in positioning are essential. You should not try to copy a technique and always be yourself. Everyone develops individually and has individual goals. “A good goalkeeper does not have to be tall. As long as you are natural and have a good technique, you built the base,” says Lee.

Lee Robinson holds the football in his hands. He starts and laughs. Lee Robinson is in the football goal. The Football comes to his left corner. He dives to the left. The Ball is 2 meters in front of him. There two blue football mannequins left and right. In the centre stands Lee Robinson and catches a football. Lee Robinson kicks a football with his right foot. He is focusing the ball and this right is nearly horizontal. Lee Robinson stands in the center of the football goal. He is jumping to his left side and what to catch the ball which is 1 meter in front of him


The facilities of Tenerife Top Training became a film set during the stay of The Modern Day Goalkeeper. They were on the court twice a day for training and recording. “The weather, the natural grass pitches, the friendly service. We enjoyed out stay here so much, “Lee proudly harks back on the last day. The last year was a great milestone in their lives: “The response and support from the media is a big compliment for us. We have achieved a lot and have been able to inspire many young people as an influencer. The year was great, “the brothers sum up. They would like to have global cooperation with teams and work with international goalkeepers in the future. At least they always want to keep their philosophy: staying positive and taking chances.

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