Viktoria Schwarz new way to Tokyo

The center is perfect for swimmers, football players and triathletes


Viktoria Schwarz is the most successful canoe athlete from Austria. She won gold, silver and bronze medals at World Championships. In 2008, 2012 and 2016 she competed at the Olympics. The 31 years old athlete was in the top of the world in her discipline, 500 meters double canoe. But for the four coming years she will change her way completely. “I’ll compete in the single canoe over 200 meters”, Viktoria explains. Although she didn’t started in many races in this boat category, she looks optimistically in the future. “Endurance and experiences are very important in my sport. I have both. In my daily practice I focus on power and speed to improve my performance in sprint. This will help me during the races over 200 meters”, says Schwarz. Therefore the Austrian visited the Tenerife Top Training (T3). Together with the swimming team from Olympiastützpunkt (center for high performance sport) Linz she practiced and used the days for her fundamental aspects in endurance and strength. During this time Viktoria Schwarz esteemed the profits of the center. “The center is perfect for swimmers, football players and triathletes. The facilities are outstanding for my work on endurance and strength”, says the three times Olympian.


Viktoria Schwarz used the time at T3 to recover after an injury of her shoulder in 2016. In May the Austrian sleepwalked and fell out of a window of her flat. Thankfully she survived the fall from seven meters down with just an injury. “2016 was a turbulent year. But it made me stronger and I have new energy for my tasks on the way to the next Olympics”, says Schwarz. Although she had this bad injury Viktoria Schwarz competed at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro and proved her strong will. The Austrian shows this ambition in the daily practice, too. Viktoria Schwarz found her way in this challenging sport which connects technique and physical strength: “You must be focused to be successful in canoe sprint. You must practice hard, work on yourself and conquer yours weaker self.” Canoe sprint became a part of Viktoria’s life early. Her father went with her to the canoe club and the successful way started. “Water is my element. We lived close to the river Danube and I started with the sport early. I enjoy the freedom on the water and the time in the nature”, the World Champion from 2011 says.

After years in sports the time in Tenerife points out a change in Viktoria’s career. The three times Olympian changed the boat category and the distance. She wants to go her personal way to Tokyo. The World Championships 2017 will be one of the first steps on this way. “I want to reach the final of the World Championships”, explains Viktoria Schwarz.

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