Diploma de Masaje Deportivo Nivel 3 (Inglés)
00:00 18/04/2024 to 00:00 05/07/2024


Minimum age of entry : 16+
Learn: Holistic, Sports, Deep Tissue Massage
Pre-requisite: No previous experience is necessary
Ideal for: All beginners looking to enter the massage profession and interested in effectively treating back problems and pain in the body
Timescale: 10 days of intensive training plus home study and final exam
CPD Points:  15 (10 days)
Diploma:  Level 3

To qualify for the Level 3 Diploma, you will be required to complete additional academic course work, which will be sent to you, for you to carry out in your own time at home. You will receive 10 ebook academic modules with exam questions.  Students have up to 1 year to complete their diploma.

Course information (choose either 10 day or 15 day course)

5 days of Holistic Massage training

Massage techniques of effleurage, petrissage and tapotement.
How to release tight muscles with correct techniques, sequencing, depth of pressure, rhythm, and speed
How to perform a bespoke treatment in a 1 hour and 1.5-hour session
Foot and head Massage techniques and sequencing
Professional conduct
Client consultation and assessment
Body Mechanics
Anatomy and Physiology
Business Management
Health and Safety
Case studies
Final exam

5 days of Sports Massage training
Adaptations of Basic Massage Techniques for Sports Massage
Massage for Pre-activity, Mid-activity, Post-activity
Postural Assessment and Understanding Muscle Imbalance
Treatment of Sports Injuries – RICE
Assisted Stretching Techniques
Trigger Point
Massage Gun
Case Studies
Final exam

All courses are accredited and approved by IPHM and have Worldwide Recognition.

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