Combined Sports & Deep Tissue Massage Levels 3 & 4
00:00 20/10/2023 to 00:00 01/12/2023


Minimum age of entry : 16+
Learn: Combined Sports and Deep Tissue with Myofascial Meridians Diploma Level 3 and 4 
Holistic Massage
Ideal for:
Individuals who want to gain advanced practical massage skills & those who wish to address the needs of athletes, sports competitors and clients who are physically very active. 
10 days of intensive training plus home study and final exam
CPD Points: 
Diploma:  Combined Level 3 and 4

The combined Level 3 and 4 Diploma Sports Massage Course is made up of 5 days Monday to Friday of Sports CPD practical training followed by 5 days Deep Tissue with Myofascial Meridians CPD practical training Monday to Friday.

To qualify for Level 3 and Level 4 Diploma ,you will be required to complete additional academic course work which will be sent to you, for you to carry out in your own time at home. Students have up to 1 year to complete their diploma.

Course Content:

5 days Sports Massage Training 
Adaptations of Basic Massage Techniques for Sports Massage
Massage for Pre-activity, Mid-activity, Post-activity
Postural Assessment and Understanding Muscle Imbalance
Treatment of Sports Injuries - RICE
Soft Tissue Release Techniques
Assisted Stretching Techniques
Trigger Point
Muscle Energy Techniques
Massage Gun
Final exam

5 days Deep Tissue with Myofascial Meridians CPD
Myofascial Meridians
Understanding Fascia
Advanced Deep Tissue Techniques with Myofascial Release
Tracking tension in the Fascia
Correct use of forearm and elbow
Working with a pressure level scale of 1-10 and use of Breath-work
Oriental hand and foot reflexology
Legs prone and supine stretching
Joint mobilisation
Final exam

All courses are accredited and approved by IPHM and have Worldwide Recognition.

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