Holistic Full Body Massage Diploma Level 3
00:00 24/06/2024 to 00:00 28/06/2024


Minimum age of entry : 16+
Learn:  Holistic Massage to an advanced level
No previous experience required
Ideal for:
Individuals who want to work as a professional massage therapist 
5 days of intensive training plus home study and final exam
CPD Points: 
Diploma:  Level 3

This 5-day course is suitable for those interested in gaining a professional Level 3 massage qualification as well as 15 CPD points.  After this course, most of our students are offered employment in hotels, spas, gyms, beauty salons, tattoo studios or can work from home and with full insurance.

The maximum number of students per course is 10. You will work in different pairs on each day, allowing you to experience how different each body can feel.  Students will be required to give your partners feedback on the performance of massage to help raise their awareness to depth of pressure, the timing of sequence, rhythm, and application of technique.

To qualify for the Level 3 Diploma, you will be required to complete additional academic course work. Video tutorials of the courses are provided for exam revision and further private tutorials are included in the price.  Students have up to 1 year to complete their diploma. With the right focus, it is possible to complete this within a month.

Course Content: 

Effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibration
How to release tight muscles with correct techniques, sequencing, depth of pressure, rhythm, and speed
How to perform a bespoke treatment in a 1 hour and 1.5-hour session
Foot and head Massage techniques and sequencing
Professional conduct
Client consultation and assessment
Body Mechanics
Anatomy and Physiology
Business Management
Health and Safety
Case Studies
Final Exam

All courses are accredited and approved by IPHM and have Worldwide Recognition.

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