NEW! SWIMMING technical training camp

Welcome to the Tenerife Top Training SWIMMING technical training camp !


The main focus of the swimming tecnification camp is to work on technical and physical aspects from a theoretical-practical point of view that will help athletes develop in better conditions for the next season.

During the campus, theoretical and practical sessions will be developed that will help to understand, value and analyze the objectives of the following season in order to facilitate the work in their respective clubs and provide support to their coaches.

In addition, we have included awareness sessions and development of compensatory and postural control work to promote healthy body development.

Who is that camp for?

  • Children and adolescents who are in the competition phase or who plan to start competing in the next season.

Camp Details :

  • Dates: From Monday, July 29, 2024, to Friday, August 9, 2024.
  • Location: Tenerife Top Training. La Caleta de Adeje. Tenerife.
  • Schedule: From 14:30 to 18:30, Monday through Friday.
  • Languages: Instruction will be provided in Spanish and English.
  • Recommended Age: The camp is intended for participants aged 12 to 18.
  • Food: The camp does not include meal service. We recommend bringing your own snacks.

Camp coaches

and sports coordinators



Coach and sports coordinator of the camp.

  • Entrenador nacional de natación
  • Graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences. Physical Education Teacher.
  • Master’s in High Sports Performance and Health.
  • Specialist in optimizing sports performance, injury rehabilitation, and football training.



Coach and sports coordinator of the camp.

  • Doctor in Motor Praxiology, Physical Education and
  • Sports Training
  • Degree in Education Sciences
  • Specialist Master’s Degree in Physical Education
  • Master’s Degree in High Performance in Sport UAM-COES
  • Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology UAM-COES
  • Master in Aquatic Activities


  • Improve the physical and technical abilities of swimmers
  • Teach the basics of technical work from a theoretical and practical point of view
  • Carry out physiological and cardiovascular assessments to obtain data for the next season
Tenerife Top Training (T3) is one of the best sports centers in Europe, where top athletes, national teams, and world-class teams train. T3 is located in the southern part of Tenerife, in a peaceful area called La Caleta, just 10 minutes away from the popular tourist hub of Playa de Las Américas. The location benefits from an exceptionally mild climate, with temperatures ranging from 18-25°C, providing optimal conditions for outdoor sports activities. T3 offers a wide range of sports facilities and equipment

Designed for children and adolescents between the ages of 12 and 18  who are in the competition phase or who plan to start competing in the next season and wish to improve their swimming skills.

A unique training environment at Spanish and European level. 

The sessions will be held at the facilities of the Tenerife Top Training high-performance sports center, in 25 or 50 meter Olympic pools.

All participants will have the opportunity to take a test on the hydrodynamic flume channel, with one or more styles, and will receive personalized verbal feedback, as well as a video of the test.

How to participate?

1. Choice of Participation Period: In the registration process, you have the flexibility to select the duration of your participation. You can opt for a 1-week stay, 2-week stay or individual days, depending on availability. Choose the type of participation that best suits your preferences.

2. Payment Options: We offer two payment options. You can pay conveniently through our online platform by credit card, or if you prefer, contact us and we will provide you with our bank account details so that you can make a bank transfer. If you opt for online payment, we recommend that you create a profile in your child’s name to expedite the process.

3. Participation Documents: Download the necessary documents to formalize your participation. Complete the forms and send them to us along with a copy of the participant’s ID and social security or other relevant insurance document.

Place Confirmation: Once we have received and processed your documents, we will send you a confirmation from Tenerife Top Training. This confirmation secures your place in our program.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Phone 922 782 755

WhatsApp +34 629 197 517





10% discount until June 1* (not accumulative)





10% discount until June 1* (not accumulative)





10% discount until June 1* (not accumulative)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What if my child doesn't speak either Spanish or English?

In that case, it would be difficult for them to participate in the camp. If they can’t understand what the counselors are saying and can’t communicate with the other children, they won’t be able to enjoy the camp. We recommend that children only participate if they have at least an intermediate level in English or Spanish.