Pilates Studio Tenerife

Exercise, strengthen, and care for your body and mind.

At Pilates Studio Tenerife, our work with the Pilates method is based on its fundamental principles of alignment, breathing, central muscle control, concentration, control, precision, and fluidity.

Following our goals, we develop personalized training programs that cater to the needs of each individual, whether they are beginners or athletes from other disciplines.

We offer private classes, shared private classes (for 2 people), and semi-private classes (for 3 people).

In a comfortable, welcoming, and peaceful space, we work with a complete range of equipment, including machines such as the reformer, towers, chairs, barrels, and all accessories available for floor work.

You will be guided in your training by teachers with many years of experience, preparation, and professionalism.

We invite you to visit our website or contact us to learn more about our organization, work philosophy, and the Pilates method… and remember… by training your body, you improve your life!

Pilates with machines and Pilates floor (mat)


In the studio you can find almost all the Pilates machines necessary to develop the method at all levels.

In our studio we have:

  • Classic wooden reformers.
  • Combo reformer with aluminium tower.
  • Towers (wall adapter, wall-mounted).
  • Combo chairs.
  • Barrel
Accessory Material:
  • Spine correctors (spine correctors).
  • Jump boards for Reformers and Boxes.



In order for the Pilates method to be complete, it alternates machine work with floor work, without any equipment, using only the body.

The work is done on a mat and various equipment can be used, such as the ring (or magic circle), elastic band (or fit band), ball (Swiss ball), foam roller, bosu (half-sphere filled with air and mounted on a rigid plastic surface), extension board, box, and weights.

The exercises generally aim to not only strengthen the major muscles of the abdomen, buttocks, and back, but also help us correct our posture by improving our proprioceptive sense.


Additional services on request


From now on, we are closer to you, bringing our classes and professionalism wherever you decide.

The online course we offer is studied and structured to be as similar as possible to our in-person Pilates Center.

You will have new classes every period (month or quarter) and the complete course will last from 2 to 10 years (depending on the chosen frequency).


  • Progressive modular professional course
  • 480 floor (mat) classes with accessories and complements
  • Classes range from basic to advanced level
  • Plans from 1 to 5 classes per week with automatic monthly or quarterly payments
  • Free trial classes
Other possibilities

Tenerife Top Training offers a wide range of services for all levels of athletes. From clubs and sports teams to professional and recreational athletes, Tenerife Top Training has everything needed to help its clients achieve their sporting goals. Seasonal training camps are a great opportunity to train in a high quality environment, while summer camps for school children offer a fun and educational experience for youngsters. In addition, Tenerife Top Training is also an ideal venue for sports conferences and meetings, as it has modern and spacious facilities that can accommodate large groups of people.

Pilates Bookings

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