Training concentrations

RUGBY for professional teams

Tenerife Top Training is a high-performance center in Europe that offers high-quality facilities for rugby teams from around the world. Our goal is to facilitate the organization of customized training camps for professional rugby teams, with the aim of improving their performance. With over 12 years of experience in professional rugby, we tailor our packages to your needs and take care of all aspects of your stay.

We have two natural grass fields and a variety of equipment for different types of training. Additionally, our fields are equipped with lighting for nighttime training. We also offer a wide range of sports facilities, including gyms, athletics tracks, heated pools, meeting rooms, and other amenities.

We manage bookings effectively, ensuring that each team has the right space and time to optimally carry out their training and we adapt to the specific needs of each team. Our highly trained staff are always ready to help and provide the best possible service. Contact us for more information on how we can help manage your team’s concentration to reach its full potential.


Sports Facilities and Equipment Specifications


  • Natural Grass Field I: Full-size field measuring 100 m x 70 m, adjustable playing area upon request.
  • Natural Grass Field II: Full-size field measuring 104 m x 80 m, adjustable playing area upon request.


  • Strength and Conditioning Gym
  • Rehabilitation Gym
  • 400 m2 Cross-Training Box
  • Athletics Track
  • 2 x Heated Pools (Olympic-sized and 25 m)
  • Counter-current Pool for Rehabilitation
  • 2 x Beach Volleyball Courts
  • 7 x Hard Tennis Courts
  • 4 x Paddle Tennis Courts
  • Changing Areas
  • Rugby balls.
  • Rugby goals.
  • Tackle shields.
  • Hurdle sets.
  • Agility poles and ladders.
  • Cones.
  • Medicine balls 
Additional services on request
    • Airport and Training Center Transportation
    • Service Area equipped with jacuzzi, sauna,
    • Turkish bath, and ice bath. Experienced
    • Masseurs and physiotherapists available.
    • Spaces for massages and ice baths for recovery or rehabilitation after training.
    • Car rental service, organization of excursions, and leisure activities on the island.
    • Daily access to the gym (subject to reservation and availability).
    • Use of the hydrodynamic flow channel during your stay.
    • Availability of equipment such as kickboards, pull buoys, etc. (subject to reservation and availability).
    • Athlete and coach changing rooms.
    • Unlimited water refills, bringing your own refillable bottle.
    • Towel service.
    • Availability of conference room (subject to reservation and availability).
Other possibilities

Tenerife Top Training offers a wide range of services for all levels of athletes. From clubs and sports teams to professional and recreational athletes, Tenerife Top Training has everything needed to help its clients achieve their sporting goals. Seasonal training camps are a great opportunity to train in a high quality environment, while summer camps for school children offer a fun and educational experience for youngsters. In addition, Tenerife Top Training is also an ideal venue for sports conferences and meetings, as it has modern and spacious facilities that can accommodate large groups of people.




Team reservations

Contact us and we will help you to manage the booking of your team. You can check availability of facilities, hotel and make other arrangements.

Personal training

Our physical educators provide expert assistance to meet your specific needs and goals. Whether you are looking to improve your technique in a sport, rehabilitation or learning to develop strength and agility. Personal training sessions take place within Tenerife Top Training’s various sports facilities.