Try the flUME and improve your SWIMMING technique.

Tenerife Top Training offers a continuous flume where you can perform biomechanical analysis, technical training, rehabilitation sessions, and other types of assessments.

The flume features a motion capture system through video that allows for motion assessment and analysis. The motion detection, combined with video monitoring, provides valuable information about an athlete’s physical fitness, technique, and tactical performance.

What can you use it for?

The hydrodynamic flow flume allows you to assess and improve your swimming technique, whether you are an amateur or an advanced athlete. It provides instant feedback on body position and technical gestures. It is used for rehabilitation and therapy purposes and is suitable for competitive training.

  • Technical and postural control in water analyzed by a specialist.
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your strokes to achieve the best combination of frequency and length of movements.
  • Immediate feedback on the screen to achieve better hydrodynamic positioning and correct technical movements.
  • Analysis of parameters such as stroke speed, kick, cycle duration, and breathing frequency.
  • Therapy for rehabilitation and targeted readaptation guided by a specialist.


Hydrodynamic flow flume specifications.

  • Underwater observation window
  • Water temperature constant at 27 degrees
  • Pool dimensions: 7m long x 4m wide x 1.35m deep
  • Indoor space to facilitate technical work
  • Possibility of group and individual work
Possible uses

The hydrodynamic flow flume is a rehabilitation and training tool for athletes in aquatic disciplines, triathletes and the professional sports world.

It has several options for use:

      • Possibility of training sessions with load and speed control.
      • Underwater swimming and stroke technique recording sessions.
      • Assessment test in stable conditions.
      • Technical improvements and movement perception with skills and exercises in water.
      • Frequency training and maximum speeds.
      • Rehabilitation and readaptation of injuries led by a specialist.
How is the flow flume test done?

The coach will inform you of various options on how to do the test, but you can also design your own session or simply communicate the required times and speeds and receive verbal feedback from the coach with tips on how to improve your performance.


Team reservations

Contact us and we will help you to manage the booking of your team. You can check availability of facilities, hotel and make other arrangements.

You can make an online reservation for the hydrodynamic channel up to one month in advance. If you wish to make reservations for two or three months ahead, please feel free to contact us.