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“Our company’s mission is clear: to help athletes achieve sporting success by providing the best training spaces, resources, and services. To achieve this, we strive to add value to our customers through T3 quality and our dedication to personalization, proximity, professionalism, innovation, and continuous improvement of our facilities.

We believe it is our responsibility to provide the best possible support for the sporting success of our clients, and this is reflected in everything we do. From customer service to innovation in our facilities and services, our mission is always to offer the highest standards of quality.”


“Our vision is clear and ambitious: to be recognized as a leading brand in the sports industry. To achieve this, we focus on offering quality facilities, strategic location, and favorable climate that allow us to be the first choice and the most prestigious center for athletes, coaches, and clubs.

We believe that our committed, passionate, and innovative team is key to providing T3 quality service, always seeking to exceed our customers’ expectations. Additionally, we are responsible for our environment and seek to promote education and the development of healthy habits that improve people’s quality of life.

All of this contributes to positioning Tenerife on the map as a preferred destination in Europe for international-level athletes and clubs, and our vision is to lead that movement.”




We are committed to providing a high quality service through attention to detail, dedication and the constant search for excellence, prioritising effective and efficient management and the continuous care of our spaces and materials.



We prioritise understanding people’s needs and challenges, aspire to be recognised as their valued partner and create a sport-centric environment that values competition and performance.



Our purpose is to satisfy athletes and users by providing them with an experience that helps them achieve their high-level training goals, while promoting physical and psychological well-being. We are flexible and responsive to the demands and needs of our athletes and clubs.



We prioritise teamwork, collaboration and transparent communication, demonstrating a strong commitment to the values of sport and the development of our people.



We specialise in high-level training, prioritise safety and confidence, anticipate needs and provide exceptional experiences through continuous training and investment in our facilities and equipment.



We are committed to offering an exceptional user experience, based on personalised attention and the constant search for excellence in all our areas of activity.

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Discover the team behind our passionate and committed company.