Tenerife gym

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The indoor gym in Tenerife Sur, is located in the main building of T3 and features a spacious training area equipped with the latest TechnoGym® and Keiser® equipment, along with two group exercise rooms.

The standout training device is the Kinesis system, which allows for training entire muscle chains in a three-dimensional level. Additionally, it is possible to conduct precise body analysis using our state-of-the-art “Tanita” device.

The specifications of the sports facilities include: 2 Rowing machines (Concept 2®) 3 Treadmills (Woodway®) 2 Ellipticals (Keiser®) 6 Ergometers (Keiser® and TechnoGym®) 1 Climbing machine (Versa Climber®) Separate room with 14 spinning stationary bikes (TechnoGym®) Wide selection of dumbbells, bars, and benches Hydraulic machines such as lat pull-down, butterfly, leg press, leg curl, squats, cable pull.

These facilities provide a comprehensive range of equipment and amenities to meet various training needs and ensure a productive workout environment.

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The Tenerife Top Training facility offers outdoor fitness training options in addition to the indoor gym. The covered outdoor gym is located between two football fields and provides a wide selection of free weights as well as Nautilus® and TechnoGym® equipment. This outdoor gym is an ideal space for physical training, offering both visually impressive indoor studio and an outdoor studio with pleasant temperatures.

The specifications of the sports facilities include: Weight machines: Butterfly, rowing machine, pull-down, abdominal and calf exercise equipment, cable pull, leg curl, leg extension, multi-hip, TRX® leg press, gym balls, medicine balls, TheraBands, mats, punching bag, stepper Running track and football fields located adjacent to the outdoor gym.

These facilities provide a diverse range of equipment and training options, allowing for a well-rounded fitness experience both indoors and outdoors.

Team reservations

Contact us and we will help you to manage the booking of your team. You can check availability of facilities, hotel and make other arrangements.